Site Selection Analysis
There is a Right Place for Your Company

The simple truth that finding the right operational site for your company is all about risk assessment.

Many factors go into play. They include the location of customers, suppliers, competitors, transportation infrastructure, logistics, labor pool, skill sets within that labor pool, prevailing wages, incentives, taxes, regulatory climate, cultural factors and quality of life.

There is no single perfect site or place for a plant, corporate headquarters, distribution center, or back office operation. Rather, there are, based on the needs and wants of a company, better locations where the chance for success is optimized.

Finding the right fit for success...

Our Mission and Processes
We add focus, consistency, efficiency and speed to the process of site selection by using specialized databases and analytical processes to make valid and helpful comparisons. In short, by employing state-of-the art technology and old-fashioned gumshoe reporting, we narrow the location choices based on your criteria and let you decide.

But we will need your help to help you. To provide you with the best customer service, we want a deep understanding of your company’s core values and goals to jointly reach specific parameters for your search. By partnering with you, we can serve you better. Factors to be considered and analyzed include:

  • Labor. Availability (size of the existing labor pool), skill sets, prevailing wages and cost differentials.
  • Transportation infrastructure. Highway access/frontage, rail, port, and proximity to airports.
  • Logistics. Closely related to transportation infrastructure. Proximity to suppliers and customers (inbound/outbound), customer expectations, overall network flow, market strategies and growth projections.
  • Taxes and Incentives. Comparison analysis between competing communities. Negotiate for favorable treatment in regard to tax abatements, worker training, site preparation, grants and real estate write-downs. We do not want to leave money on the table.
  • Property requirements. Existing buildings or greenfield, and/or possibly brownfield sites. Whatever option you choose, we want a location where your company can grow for the long term.
  • Energy. Availability, reliability, costs and options.
  • Quality of Life. Cost of living, the quality of local school systems, local health care, commuting times, shopping.
  • Other considerations. The attitude of a community – what will it support and what it will not support? Will your company be welcomed? Also, local government fiscal health. Strong community leadership.

Working with you to find the perfect location...

Site selection, therefore, becomes is an elimination process. We narrow the choices, again based on your parameters. And then we will visit the short-listed communities. Site specifics, community attitudes, and levels of expertise can best be determined with boots on the ground.

Trust but verify will be our position as we will be dealing with salespeople who want us to invest in their community. In short, we will be skeptical and substantiate the unsubstantiated, so that you are equipped to make the best decisions.

A Word on Confidentiality
You may not want it known that your company is considering a new location. This could pose difficulties for a number of reasons.

We can and will shield your identity during the site selection process if that is your desire. No one will know who you are, unless or until you want that fact known.

If the issue of confidentiality is important to you, it will be a bond with us.

Startup Coordination and Community Liason
After the site or building has been chosen in a particular location, there is still much work to be done. BBA can still be with you during the startup process to provide guidance and assistance working directly with communities on issues of acquisition, permitting, workforce development and even public relations.

We can serve as a bridge between your company and the community in order to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible and to see that promises made are promises kept. This is a marriage between your company and a community, and we will work to ensure that the marriage works for the long term.

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