Economic Development Consulting
A Promise Worth Keeping

Every community has a story to tell. Indeed, every community is a story or an accumulation of stories. At Barber Business Advisors, we can advise you on how to hone your story, so that certain people and companies will want to be a part of it.

People can understand stories. We have been thinking in terms of narratives ever since painting on cave walls. Stories of things, places and people. It’s in our DNA.

Ultimately, this promise of place, of your community, is a business proposition. Delivering on that promise is a key function of economic development. The end game is more jobs, more investment, and building wealth in your community. It is a promise worth keeping.

Planting the seeds for success... The Barberbiz Review

Based on conversations with local economic developers, we offer a third-party analysis from the viewpoint of a corporate site selector. Economic developers want an incisive outside perspective on their community and ideas for making positive changes. So this is an alternative to an all-encompassing, expensive study.

I will come into a community for three working days (five days total with travel), perform a SWOT analysis and target industry review, look at your organization’s structure, and speak to stakeholders. I can tailor the visit and the emphasis per the desire of the local economic developer.

Within two weeks after leaving the community, I produce a 10-15 page report on my findings, which includes actionable recommendations. Total cost: Very reasonable. Please call me.

BR&E: Dance With the One that Brung Ya.

If your community does not have a robust business, retention and expansion (BRE) program, we can help you build one. Existing industry is where most jobs are created, and we will provide the ways and means to tapping into this great resource.

BR&E: today goes well beyond clipboard surveys. This is about developing trust and relationships so that your organization will be viewed by your business community as a problem solver and ally. In short, we can show you how to provide value to existing industry.

Certified Shovel-Ready Site Certification: An Important Marketing Tool

The Boy Scouts have it right: Be Prepared.

Site certification is about preparedness. It is about proof through documentation that your site is ready to go. I have a system that does that. A certified site does not guarantee that the site will be chosen, but it does provide a big advantage in terms of speed and cost for a prospective corporate client. It lessens the risks, which are all too important in site selection. Please ask about our certified sites program.

Dean Speaks and Some Even Listen

Dean Barber will come to your community to give presentations to your stakeholders on important issues relating to business, site selection and economic development. Currently, he has entertaining and yet informative PowerPoint presentations prepared on the topics of site certification, business retention and expansion, the state of manufacturing in America, and current U.S. economic outlooks.

Dean can and will tailor a presentation for your community. Please feel free to call or write for details.

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